Vered -Faucets and Sinks has been importing and marketing top quality sanitary fixtures, plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories for over 30 years, for construction companies, ceramic showrooms and hardware stores, as well as for private customers.

In the 70’s the company was formed under the name Vered Taps & Sinks and imported sanitary fixtures from the leading companies in Europe. Coming into the new millennium the subsidiary was founded and imports plumbing fixtures from China and the Far East. The company is owned by Avraham Hamami and Avraham Ildes.

Vered sanitary fixtures applies the know-how, professionalism and experience acquired throughout their years of operation to importing products of the highest quality, as well as supplying efficient, top quality service. The experienced and professional team provides on-the-spot, comprehensive solutions to any problem, as well as door-to-door service. The company’s commercial customers can sell their products confidently, knowing they have reliable backing and service when needed.

The company’s reliability, professionalism and renown acquired over the years, have lead them to success and a strong core of customers. We invite you to join these satisfied customers. View our catalog and see for yourself the quality of the sanitary fixtures, taps, sinks and bathroom fixtures that we import to Israel from the leading manufacturers

Vered - Faucets and Sinks

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